Pooled Support Trust


When it comes to supporting a person’s health, education, maintenance, and/or support a Support Trust makes it easy. Often used as an estate-planning tool, this Trust helps pass wealth from one generation to the next. This flexible Trust option addresses long-term support for individuals, while protecting funds from wasteful spending. Grantors will have peace of mind knowing the funds will be professionally managed and overseen, keeping the family unified from one generation to the next.



Stewarding wealth means putting into practice core values which will sustain individuals as well as their fortune. A Pooled Support Trust with Secured Futures means professional management and oversight of funds. This ensures the grantor’s wishes are fulfilled.


Whatever you need, we are here for you. We are waiting for your call with open arms and open ears — because at Secured Futures, you are part of our family. Beneficiaries and their family members can count on us to be there to advise, coach, and support them when needed.


We make it easy to access funds. From small to medium payouts, for bills and shopping, to large payouts, for cars and houses, beneficiaries have the option to either use their True Link VISA card for purchases on the go or submit requests as they come up.