Lawyers & planners

Lawyers and Planners

Special Needs Trust

The team at Secured Futures stands ready to assist Attorneys from all areas of practice as well as Settlement Planning Professionals.

Litigation Attorneys and Settlement Planners

Secured Futures team members can assist in the settlement planning stages, we can help determine if the benefits the client is receiving are entitlement benefits or needs based benefits, and if the benefits need to be protected. By establishing a pooled special needs trust. The pooled minors trust can accept funds on behalf of minor children receiving settlement proceeds. The pooled preservation trust will safe guard settlement funds for those who are not disabled, but need to comply with specific court orders or a means of voluntary spendthrift protection. Click here for a helpful Process Map.

Elder Law, Trust and Estate Attorneys

The Secured Futures Pooled Trusts are valuable planning tools for Trust and Estate Attorneys. The third party pooled special needs trust is an excellent estate planning tool for families providing for their disabled loved ones. The pooled minors trust can accept funds from an inheritance for minor children. The pooled support trust is a great option for third party money distributed from an estate to provide spendthrift protection and to adhere to the wishes of the Grantor. Click here to request Trust Documents.