Emergency Shelter Project

Who is eligible?

Any current beneficiary of Secured Futures Special Needs Trust experiencing financial and emergency hardship is eligible to apply for the project aid. Families and households of Secured Futures Special Needs Trust beneficiaries experiencing emergency financial hardships will only be considered.

What is eligible?

Utilities including heat, heating fuel, electricity, water, sewage and trash removal will be considered. Qualifying rents and mortgages and Home Owners Association (HOA) fees will also be considered. All other expenses are excluded from consideration. In addition, only one category will be considered per application. For example, an application can only be for utility aid but not rent/mortgage aid. Or an application may be submitted for rent/mortgage aid but not utility aid.

How do I apply?

Complete and sign the Secured Futures Shelter Project application form and submit it to Secured Futures, Inc. All fields must be complete or the submission will be rejected. If you have questions about completing the form contact Secured Futures. Applications will be reviewed by Secured Futures, Inc. and Secured Futures makes no promise, commitment or guarantee that any application will be selected for award. Only one application per beneficiary per year will be considered. Only one category (Utilities, Shelter) can be applied for per beneficiary per year.

Maximum Payout

The MAXIMUM amount for any payout per application is $500.00. Actual payout may be any amount up to the maximum $500.00 as determined by and approved by Secured Futures Emergency Shelter Project.

What happens if the application is selected and approved?

Secured Futures will contact the applicant and submit payment to the designated utility company or landlord/mortgage company.