Charitable Programs

Secured Futures offers two charitable projects that are independently funded from contributions gathered in fund raising efforts and from Secured Futures operating budget.

These programs have the sole purpose of providing recognition, support, charitable service and contributions to specific, unmet needs of disadvantaged individuals and also to their families and caregivers. The projects were established to broaden the scope by which Secured Futures focuses on important services and provides value to segments of our society without seeking profit.

The Secured Futures Shelter Project

Emershelter The Secured Futures Shelter Project was established to aid individuals and families facing the challenge of paying basic utility and shelter services. In the normal course of providing trust administration services to individuals with special needs, we frequently encounter families that fall on hardship and cannot make their electric, water, heating, fuel or other utility payments, and at times they fall behind in their rent and they are facing eviction. Based on the rules set forth by the Social Security Administration and as standard compliance policy of Secured Futures, the funds that are held in trust for the benefit of a recipient of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cannot pay for these expenses. The Secured Futures Shelter Project was created to recognize these hardship conditions and pay these items on a needs basis out of a separate, independent charitable fund not connected to any account in the pooled special needs trust. Read more…

The David H. McCartney Hero Project

David Mccartney The Hero Project was established as a memorial to a beloved friend and founding board member. The David H. McCartney Hero Project was created to recognize and pay tribute to two distinct populations faced with the challenges of special needs. The first is aimed at these persons afflicted with special needs who have overcome obstacles and challenges and demonstrated remarkable courage and accomplishment to enrich and expand their lives. The second group includes the family members and caregivers of persons with special needs who have demonstrated incredible compassion and exceptional behavior in the support, and care of people with special needs. The David H. McCartney Hero Project will solicit nominations from current beneficiaries of the Secured Futures Pooled Special Needs Trust and recognize outstanding Heroes with an award of a small cash payment or scholarship. Read more…