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Secured Futures, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed to provide trustee, trust administration and advocacy services for the disabled, elderly, minor children and those seeking spendthrift trust protection.

Secured Futures’ advantage is in our people, processes and practices - every employee is a dedicated, compassionate and competent professional that is an advocate for the beneficiaries we serve – providing exceptional and personal customer service. Secured Futures extends its commitment to serve through charitable programs that provide emergency shelter funds or recognition to those who go above and beyond in supportive roles to the beneficiaries we serve.

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Our mission

Our Mission is to provide customized trustee and fiduciary services that establish and maintain financial eligibility for public assistance benefits for disabled persons, while also helping to ensure the continuity of long-term support and resources that improve the lives of all persons and organizations with which we associate.

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Our Mission

Administration Services

Special-Needs-TrustSpecial Needs Trust

The Pooled Special Needs Trust is for Persons with disabilities and are seeking to protect government benefits.

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Minors-TrustMinors Trust

The Pooled Minors Trust is for minor children not disabled, who receive funds as the result of a minor's compromise settlement...

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Education TrustEducation Trust

The Secured Futures Education Pooled Trust is designed to receive funds from School Districts on behalf of disabled students ...

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Preservation TrustPreservation Trust

The Pooled Preservation Trust is a flexible trust option designed to comply with Court Orders and/or voluntary spendthrift...

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Pooled Support TrustPooled Support Trust

The Pooled Support Trust is an estate planning tool designed to provide families, guardians or other third-parties with a ...

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The PSNT ("pooled special needs trust" or (d)(4)(C)) is suitable for small and large sums of money. A key benefit of a PSNT is that small accounts can be accepted and combined or "pooled" with other trust accounts. However, contrary to information presented in articles and opinions it is not a prerequisite for the account to be small. Administration fees are less than they are for an individually managed SNT (individual payback trust or (D)(4)(A)), and many PSNT Trustees offer the same high level of service as an individual Trustee. Pooled investment options are generally conservative in nature, due to the conservative characteristics of Special Needs Trusts. Some PSNT Trustees offer more aggressive investment options for those who want to be positioned more aggressively when restrictions have not been placed on the investment options by a Guardian Ad Litem or a judge.
It is NOT a requirement that the PSNT permanently retain funds remaining when the beneficiary of a trust share passes away. The Trustee must retain funds until Medicaid is paid back for services for which they have paid. Once the Medicaid lien has been paid back, the Trustee can pay the remainder of the monies to the beneficiary designated when the PSNT share was initially established. A nonprofit organization administering a (d)(4)(C) trust has the OPTION to retain the remainder of a trust after a beneficiary dies. However, the other OPTION is to name, in the Joinder Agreement, a remainder beneficiary chosen by the family or the individual. Secured Futures, Inc makes it a matter of standard practice to always establish and name a remainder beneficiary of the family's choice in the Joinder Agreement.
First party funded trusts have a payback clause, but third party funded trusts generally do NOT have a payback clause.
The referring attorney, family member or prospective beneficiary themselves can contact the Secured Futures Advancement Team by phone, email, or through the website. The attorney may be as involved as much as they want, if they choose to help complete the Joinder Agreement, we will be happy to work with them. The Advancement Team can also work with family members to complete the Joinder Agreement. For SSI and Medicaid recipients that are establishing a pooled special needs trust, Secured Futures will notify those agencies of the change in circumstance.
The trust money is conservatively invested to preserve capital for as long as possible. Interest and gains are part of the beneficiaries trust assets
The beneficiary requests funds and/or payments from their individual account in the pooled trust through a standardized disbursement request process.
At the beginning, the Advancement Team will work with a beneficiary to explain how/why the PSNT will protect your client's government benefits, what expenses the trust can/cannot pay, how distributions will be made, and a road map as to what will happen if the client decides to establish a PSNT share.
The family, or guardian, informs Secured Futures of the passing and sends in a copy of the death certificate if it is a first party special needs trust. Secured Futures informs Medicaid of the death, and requests a statement of claim. If it's a third party special needs trust, typically there is no Medicaid involvement or need to inform them. For all other pooled trust the remainder beneficiary intructions on the Joinder Agreement are followed.
The beneficiary of any pooled trust can request to transfer to another pooled trust. The trust are irrevocable and cannot be terminated except by court order.

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