Secured Futures has created three pooled trust solutions - the Secured Futures Pooled Special Needs Trust and the Secured Futures Minors Pooled Trust. Each Trust offers a unique solution.

Two young girls, one pushing the other in wheelchair

Special Needs Trust

The Special Needs Trust is for for those, regardless of age, who are disabled and are seeking to protect government benefits. Read more...

Three young children looking upward

Minors Trust 

This Trust is for minor children who are not disabled, who receive funds as the result of a minor's compromise settlement or other means and cannot hold the funds in their own name by virture of their minority. Read more...

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Educational Trust

The Secured Futures Educational Pooled Trust is designed to receive funds from School Districts on behalf of disabled students who are receiving funds from a compensatory education action. Read more...

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Preservation Trust

The Pooled Preservation Trust is a flexible trust option designed to comply with Court Orders and/or voluntary spendthrift protection needs associated with the receipt of legal settlements or other financial allocations. Read more...



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