The team at Secured Futures stands ready to assist Attorneys from all areas of practice as well as Settlement Planners.


Litigation Attorneys and Settlement Planners

Secured Futures team members can assist in the settlement planning stages, we can help determine if the benefits the client is receiving are entitlement benefits or needs based benefits, and if the benefits need to be protected. We can help educate the client on the use and accessibly of the funds placed in a Secured Futures pooled trust. Click here for a helpful Process Map.


Elder Law, Trust and Estate Attorneys

The Secured Futures Pooled Trusts, Minors or Special Needs can be a valuable planning tool for Trust and Estate Attorneys. The Pooled Special Needs Trust can accept first party or third party funds. Remainder beneficiaries can be named even on first party trust shares, after repayment to the state, just as in a (d)(4)(A) trust. The Secured Futures Minors Pooled Trust can accept funds on behalf of minors that receive settlement proceeds, an inheritance or proceeds from a life insurance policy. Click here to request Trust Documents.

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