David H. McCartney Hero Project

Who is eligible?

Any current beneficiary of Secured Futures Special Needs Trust is eligible for nomination. In addition, any family member or independent caregiver who is providing services directly benefitting the special needs beneficiary.

What is eligible?

Nominations will be received and reviewed based on signed and dated submissions that describe acts, actions, and behaviors that describe courage, determination, and perseverance to overcome obstacles and challenges that enrich the lives of beneficiaries with special needs. In addition, family members and caregivers of persons with special needs who have demonstrated incredible compassion and exceptional behavior in the support and care of people with special needs.

How do I nominate a hero?

Complete and sign the David H. McCartney Hero Project nomination form and submit it to Secured Futures, Inc. All fields must be complete or the submission will be rejected. If you have questions about completing the form contact Secured Futures. Nominations will be reviewed by Secured Futures, Inc. and Secured Futures makes no promise, commitment or guarantee that any nomination will be selected for award.

What happens if the nominee is selected?

Secured Futures will contact the person nominating the hero and present the nominated hero with a cash award of $200.00.


Secured Futures has the right to change, revise or cancel this program at any time and also reserves the right to validate and verify any information submitted on the nomination form.

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