About Secured Futures

Secured Futures, a Pennsylvania 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was formed in 2008 to provide trustee and trust administration services to the disabled, the elderly and minor children. From inception the goal was to provide these services with compassion and integrity. The Secured Futures Pooled Special Needs Trust accepted the first trust shares in August 2008 and the journey began.

The marketplace responded to our commitment to customer service, and the level of compliance of the special needs trust, and in 2009 the Secured Futures Minors Pooled Trust began accepting trust shares. This trust was created to hold funds for minor children who are not disabled.

Recently, in 2013, Secured Futures again addressed a niche created by compensatory education actions against school districts. The Secured Futures Pooled Educational Special Needs Trust accepts third party funds from school districts on behalf of disabled students.

Our dedication to understanding the needs of the beneficiaries we serve and our exemplary customer services, has lead us to extraordinary growth. We are grateful to the team of employees and industry partners who share with us in this journey.

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